Some hose reels hold a hose that stretches 100 ft and mounts it to your pressure washer’s cart with the help of a bracket. It is crucial to install a hose reel because it works in your favor in two ways. It secures the hose and allows you to store it conveniently. Secondly, it shields the hose from damage and helps lengthen the lifespan.

When you value efficiency, you would love to go with a device with a user-friendly interface, serves for a more extended period and returns the value for your money. You wouldn’t be any happier to try giraffe’s pressure washer hose reel. It comes in various flavors with a design to suit all needs.

Let’s take a look

The giraffe’s pressure washer hose reels come in different shapes

The team at giraffes has your needs at heart. For that reason, their design adopts current technology and customizes the hose reels to suit your budget and use. Here, you will find three types of reels; retractable, portable reels ideal for the garden and world mount hose reels.

Retractable hose reel

Retractable hose reels utilize unique ceramics to extend the device’s life cycle and add aesthetic appeal. The capacity will amaze you. You will find spins with a smallholding capacity that accommodates a 78 ft hose. On the higher end, they have designed one that fits a 150 ft hose perfectly. There is more; you can switch the nozzle to experience nine watering modes. It means that the nozzle allows you to control pressure.

Garden hose reel

Suppose you love to use your washer to clean farm equipment and implements, garden hose reel steps in to provide order. It has a G-self-layering system that grips the horse tightly, keeping it safe from damage. It adopts durable materials that stand wear and tear, and the holding capacity is ideal for a 130 ft of 5/8 in diameter hose.

If you find the stainless hose reel dysfunctional and falls short of your needs, a garden hose reel cart might be practical to you. It can hold 250 Ft with a 5/8 diameter with a large capacity. It handles heavy-duty tasks hence ideal for extensive gardens. As a bonus, it has generous space where you can place other accessories.

Giraffe’s pressure washer hose reels save you time and increase productivity.

Hose reels store up your hose safely where you can reach it conveniently. With an urgent task at hand, you would wish to retrieve your tools quickly and get grinding. A deal-breaker is a scenario where assembly consumes a relatively large amount of time. A well-mounted hose not only saves you time but it’s also critical at boosting morale and spares your energy to keep going.

Because hoses are primarily rubber, heavy pressure from a moving truck damages them, shortening the lifespan. A hose reel prevents premature tare and helps maintain the performance.

Giraffe’s pressure washer hose reels provide safety

A loosely held hose is a time bomb. One can step on it accidentally and lose balance. A rolled-up hose averts impending accidents significantly.

Also, materials used to make them meet international standards. They are safe to use because they don’t release toxic substances.

Key takeaway

Hose reels are a powerhouse of substantial benefits. They save you time and help boost productivity. Besides that, they tidy up your work environment, thus enhancing safety and sparing you bucks you would have spent on repairs.


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