A coffee maker has become a common necessity in many households. This is absolutely due to the excessive consumption of coffee in this era.  Coffee makers have eased the whole coffee making process.  Coffee makers usually have 3 basic features. They work to warm the water, mix the grounded coffee with water and make the milk frothy. Various types of coffee makers are available in the market with marked distinctions.  Cappuccino, latte and espresso can be obtained from a single machine. It depends upon the steam and foamy layer that makes them different. You can adjust machines according to the level of foam required.

You need to know about the parts and functions of a coffee maker before choosing a best one.  Following is the description of the parts of a coffee machine.

1. Water heating system:

Coffee machines used to warm huge amount of water in a large span of time. Two to three liters of water was heated in one hour or more, which was highly time consuming process. But with the advancement in the structural composition, the time span has shortened. Now, water can be heated upto 90 degree Celsius in nearly 10 seconds by merely tapping a button. The coiled pipes in infrastructure then adjust water’s temperature as per the requirement of a typical coffee. A best coffee maker will surely heat water within no time.

2. Portafilters:

Grounded coffee is added in portafilters which twist around to mix it with the warm water. The pressure inside the coffee maker helps to make perfect espresso shot.

3. Water reservoir:

For a regular kitchen, coffee maker with a small water reservoir may be suitable. It depends upon how frequently you need coffee. Perfectly welded water reservoirs make a best coffee machine.

Coffee drainage taps are also important parts of a coffee maker. Some coffee makers are electrical and can be more sensitive to the voltages. Best coffee makers are available everywhere to soothe your taste buds. You just need to be cautious about the detailed parts of a coffee maker before buying one.

Are coffee makers expensive?

Coffee makers lie in normal range but, higher functionality absolutely costs higher. To talk about best coffee makers, they are absolutely a bit expensive with improved parts, functions and a warranty policy.

Do different types of coffee makers create difference in taste?

Frothing and steaming functions are different in different machines. This gives different tastes to the coffee. A coffee maker with advanced features will make a best shot desired by your taste buds.


Best coffee makers create difference in taste and cost too. You can choose a best coffee machine by studying its major features. Furthermore, warranty cards should be taken while buying. So, you can return it if any untoward incident happens on testing. Coffee machines are of various sizes and compartments, depending upon its use. Restaurants and home coffee makers have distinct differences in their structure. More specialized machines are used in hotels and restaurants. While, local people usually buy an average coffee maker according to their range.


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