Are you looking to change the appearance of your HD Lace Wig? Look no further. I got your back!

Without a doubt, wigs are having a moment in the current fashion styles. Until recently, human hair wigs were yet to become popular.

However, after purchasing that wig you like, you also need to understand how to style it. Styling your wig gives you self-confidence and gives it a nice look. As such, it restores your femininity.

Before the styling tips, let’s see some reasons why you need to style your wig.

Reasons Why You Need to Style Your Wig

Since wigs have become part of the beauty world, it’s necessary to understand why they need styling.

There is myriad reason to style your wig. Besides, styling is one of the ways to maintain your wig.

Therefore, style that wig for the following reasons;

  • Give it a natural look
  • Convenience in handling
  • Restore confidence
  • To increase its durability

You can style your HD Lace Wigs using the tips given below;

1. Heat Styling

When practicing heat styling, make sure you use the right tools and products. After purchasing your expensive good-looking wig, the least you want is to ruin its appearance.

So, ensure you use the right heat styling tools.

Otherwise, the lack of the right tools and products will easily render your wig useless. Tools used for heat styling have controlled temperatures.

Therefore, you control the amount of heat you’re applying to the wig.

Of importance, if you have a human hair wig, use heat styling when it’s dry. Also, before the styling, apply a heat protectant.

2.Altering A Curl Pattern

Are you tired of the current pattern of your wig? Worry no more! You can change that pattern in simple steps.

However, if your wig has type 3 or types 4 curls, don’t straighten it completely. If you do so, you risk damaging the texture of the wig.

Nevertheless, there are harmless ways to alter the curl patterns of your wig.

Follow the procedure below if you want to alter the curl pattern and give your wig more volume.

First, use a wide-tooth comb to straighten your wig by combing gently. Do this section by section from the bottom going upwards. This helps to open each curl increasing the volume of each unit.

3.Altering Straight Hair Wig

A straight hair wig is much easier to create curls. Unlike bone-straight wigs, straight wigs don’t easily get damaged when you create curls.

Inserting curls on a straight hair wig requires a curling iron and curling wand.

However, if you need tight curls on your wig, try using a small barrel iron. On the other hand, if you want bigger curls, use a large-barrel iron.

First, section your hair into parts, then begin from the back by wrapping the wig hair around the barrel at the same time holding the wand face down. Change the direction of the curl as you near the top part of the wig.

The Parting Shot

Styling your wig comes in handy when the wig starts turning old. The perfect style tips give your wig a flawless look and restore your confidence.


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