If you are in the market looking for a hot tub, then you might have been met with the option of buying a factory hot tub. The prices are often lower, and that is what attracts many people to them. However, some people say that a hot tub factory is not the best option for you. Taking the time to learn more about these reasons will ensure you make a better and more informed decision. This article will look at some of the cons of getting your tub direct from the factory.

1. There is a limited variety

Direct factory hot tubs are made in one size and design and in bulk. As such, you might not get the exact design or size you want. If you get a custom tub made for you, you will have to pay extra for it. The extra cost might be higher than what you would have paid if you went and got it from a dealer that specializes in getting a tub. For this reason, many people prefer getting their tubs from a shop because they can alter the dimensions and get something that will work for them and their needs.

2. There are no after-sale services

Most of the hot tub factories do not offer after-sale services, which can be annoying. You will have to organize for its transportation, installation as well as maintenance checks. The only thing you will get from the factory is your tub. Most of the shops offer this for free, which makes the entire buying experience nice. The dealer will either walk you through the installation service or get you someone who will install it for you. Most dealers also have professional after-sale maintenance at a lower rate or even for free to help you if the tub has any issues after you bought it.

3. You cannot test the tub out

The one way you can know if you are getting the right tub is by testing it out. The shop factory has to fill it up and have you play around with controls for this to happen. While dealers let you do this, you cannot get the same when working with factories. You will have to test the tub when you get home. In most cases, the factories might have a no return policy, which can be frustrating, especially if the tub does not work efficiently when you get home. A test soak will not only ensure that the tub is not broken. It will also help you know if the tub you picked is the right one for you or if you should get another one.  It is what influences your choice of a tub in the long run.


Buying a tub is a great investment, and your entire experience will be shaped by where you get the tub. While a factory might have the tub at a lower price, the hassle you go through to get the tub to your home and even try it out often outweighs the money you might save. It, therefore, makes sense if you would get our tub from a dealer instead of a factory.


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