Paper towels are an everyday necessity found in almost every house. Whether it’s an in-house gathering or an outdoor one, spills can always find their way. Here paper towels help deal with the mess.

There are many kinds of paper towels made for different uses. People mostly prefer bulk paper towels as they save time and effort. Moreover, these are available wholesale which helps save some cash. The below article highlights various aspects of paper towels.

Types of Paper Towels

Before jumping into other details, let’s look at the different paper towels. It is necessary because a paper towel for one use can’t clean well in other situations.

Soft Paper Towels

Soft paper towels have a smooth texture similar to clothes and ideally work for dry and wet cleanings. One may think they may not have the needed absorbency if they are fit for dry and wet uses. But in contrast, they do. You can use a single towel to clean up a longer spill. Whereas, for other towels, you’ll need several sheets.

Organic Paper Towels

Organic paper towels are a fantastic invention. The best part is they are eco-friendly and can also handle everyday cleaning jobs. Organic paper towels don’t use chemicals or synthetic materials. Instead, they comprise sugarcane and bamboo threads.

Try choosing organic towels mainly when you use them in large amounts so you don’t harm the environment.

Window Paper Towels

Since windows are delicate, using rougher paper towels may scratch them. Therefore, the manufacturers came up with the windows paper towels. These are soft 2-ply towels that provide the needed cleaning without damaging the window glass.

A window paper towel contains multiple layers to ensure maximum cleaning in a single wipe. Hence, a single sheet may clean the entire window. Window paper towels are not only for cleaning windows, but you can also use them to clean other glass surfaces.

Kitchen Paper Towels

Kitchen paper towels are primarily present in every house. These are pretty versatile for hand drying and kitchen counter cleaning. Moreover, they can handle both dry and wet cleans. But, when cleaning wet surfaces, they leave lint behind. Hence, avoid them for cleaning cooking utensils and cutlery.

Lint Free Paper Towels

Lint-free paper towels are fit for heavy cleanings as they have good absorbency. A lint-free paper towel is thicker than a traditional paper towel and copes with rougher cleanings. The thickness of the towel determines its absorbency.

Mostly, they are helpful when you are dealing with mechanical cleanings. But they aren’t ideal for household jobs as they are expensive. Else, they are safe for all skin types and don’t have strong scents.

Which Paper Towels Don’t Leave Lint?

Lint is the tiny thread-like remains a paper towel leaves behind when used on a wet surface. Although no type is entirely lint-free, some brands work to ensure minimum lint.

Hence, the solution is to buy a branded pack rather than a local one as they may not provide the needed quality. Lint can scratch furniture surfaces or cause health issues if used in food utensils.

Why Is Consuming a Controlled Amount of Paper Towel Important?

Although paper towels may provide an instant cleaning solution, not all are eco-friendly. Disposing of them properly is necessary else they contribute to pollution and global warming. Not all paper towels are recyclable as their threads are too small for any other use. They produce methane gas at decomposition and lead to drain blockages also.


Paper towels are great for instant cleanings. Their convenience made them drastically famous. Hence, observing the increased demand and varying uses, manufacturers launched different paper towels to guarantee effective cleaning.

Although they are pretty great, using an uncontrolled amount of paper towels may eventually harm the environment. Some paper towels release methane and other components, leading to increased environmental issues.


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