Card passes are nothing magical today. Almost everyone has a card pass or at least has seen one. Although these are trivial, have you ever wondered about their making? Of course, there aren’t whole industries to print all those fancy patterns!

A card dispenser is an automated machine that helps make countless cards. Using them, you can create magnetic chipped, contactless, and other card passes. The market nowadays offers customized card dispensers as well. For instance, if you own a small hotel, you can look into buying a hotel checking key card dispenser for your business.

Card Issuing Machines and Their Uses

Before jumping into the uses of card issuing machines knowing their types is of utmost importance. Because the reason is simple, not all card-dispensing devices can make all kinds of cards. There is a custom unit for each type of card to be made. For a quick insight, scroll down to read the below mention text.

Chip Card Dispensers for Different Access Controls

We will go down in turns. First, let’s talk about chip card dispensers. Chip card dispensers integrate an information-enriched chip on the cards. The chip should appear on the card without scratches. Scratches sometimes damage the written information and result in the wastage of cards. Therefore, the job requires a skilled hand.

For good card passes, the user must place the card directly and operate with care. Hotels, parking lots, shopping malls, and other businesses have significant applications for chip card dispensers.

Magnetic Card Dispensers in Banks

Bankcards are a typical example of magnetic chip cards. They have a characteristic black stripe across the card.

Like chip cards, magnetic card dispensers make magnetic chip cards. Magnetic card dispensers come in two different mechanisms. Either the card moves along the printing head, or the printing head moves along the card to print a magnetic strip onto the cards. The machine imprints all the information on the black strip giving each card its uniqueness.

RFID Card Dispensers for Parking Tickets

RFID card dispensers are also common. These machines incorporate an RFID chip onto the card, which an RFID reader reads. RFID card vending machines also go by contactless card-making devices, as the technology uses electromagnetic waves to function.

These machines are easier to operate and have affordable price tags. However, like any other card dispenser, they also require an expert to work. Otherwise, the production will be futile.

RFID card machines print and read cards according to the SO-14443A/B protocol. High-end functioning dispensers promptly show the card status on the computer screen for achieving the desired output. You can also use an RFID card-making machine to create parking tickets or hotel checking-in cards. Their applications are excellently versatile.

What Is The Use Of Card Passes? Do Specific Industries Use Specific Technologies?

The sole purpose of card passes is to keep track of access and information. There are no hard and fast rules for using a specific card chip. However, the community follows some conventions. For instance, the SIM cards are specifically designed for mobile devices.

Different card dispensers are available because each kind of information requires following a specific ISO protocol for saving data. If you know your way around these standards, you can choose a card dispenser of your liking—however, most users follow the de-jure conventions.


Concisely, the card passes help authorize a user for specific access. Companies issue card passes for a smoother user experience and to keep track of their transactions. You may get a card to enter a hotel, a swimming club, or other events.

Businesses own card-dispensing machines for making customized passes. Moreover, they also work as a brand promotion as you can immediately recognize the company by looking at its card pass. The availability of various card dispensers allows you to choose one according to your budget and business.


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