Part of 2021 has had its fair share of uncertainties as businesses slowly resumed following a forceful economy break from COVID 19. However, despite the ups and downs that have been witnessed in the year, you need to set resolutions for the new year, one of which should be adapting and matching emerging trends in fashion and technology.

This doesn’t mean you go along with every new thing; instead, it’s more about getting yourself and your loved ones some of the best latest electronics. Considering their prices and all that, a cool smartphone such as the most recent Huawei’s nova 9 can be the best affordable accessory. Although if you have no budget constraints, you can get high-end laptops and other electronics.

Best Android Phones

Several Android phones with amazing features were released between June and November 2021. But you don’t have to settle for any phone; the idea is about launching higher and ending the year in style. Here are some of the phones you will never regret to have purchased.

Huawei Nova 9

This would definitely top the list. It is trending among Huawei’s biggest releases besides the Huawei P50 Pro. One of the reasons for its selection among the phones you shouldn’t miss buying is because life hasn’t been easy. Therefore, you must have high-definition photos and videos that will help you recall the year, how slender you became from depression, or how you gained weight from staying indoors.

This phone’s 50MP ultra-vision camera is all you will need to take such memories; the events, celebrations, dates, hikes, and any other memorable thing you do when crossing over.

Huawei Nova 9’s Photo & Video Tricks

You don’t need an expert to take the coolest pictures. Check this out

Dual View Video

The phone supports an easy switch between front and back cameras without switching off your video recording. It is a feature missing in other phones because there you will stop a recording before switching the camera. But here, by a touch, a video shooting from the front immediately continues from the back camera without dividing the recorded files.

Superboost Your Phone

New year celebrations can be so memorable. However, unless you have a reliable battery, you might not make it to capture some moments. But with the Huawei nova 9 every move is worth a memory. If your phone beeps of battery low, all you need to do is plug it in and take a quick meal. Within the 20 minutes, you will be eating; the phone will have juiced up enough to cover the remaining day’s events.

Smart Connect Your Computer’s Storage

Huawei nova 9 comes with 128 GB of storage that you can’t possibly fill with a day. But if you happen to fill this, worry less. You can connect the phone wirelessly to your pc and access its storage. So instead of cutting short your shooting to go and reduce the files in your phone, connect it and transfer them as you continue shooting comfortably.

You may need to check out other phones, including Huawei P50 Pro, Huawei Y7A, Mate X2, and Mate 30 or 40 series. They all stand out with their sleek design and other amazing features. Depending on your location, you can get yourself either of these from Huawei’s online shop with a guarantee of fast and free deliveries.


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