A simple place to buy a great necklace is on https://www.acordoi.com/collections/dainty-silver-necklaces. The website consists of a lot of silver necklace options that may have you confused if you don’t have what you want already. That is why you need to ascertain the type of necklace you want; else you will be spending beyond your budget. As a necklace lover, getting beautiful necklaces is essential, but getting necklaces that will stand the test of time is the most important. We focus so much on the quality and beauty of necklaces that we often forget that we have a role to play. That is the reason when the necklace has some issues like tangling, we get frustrated easily.

Most people, only think of the necklace when they want to wear it. So when you are trying to sleep or take a shower, you unhook the necklace and drop it in whatever place you deem fit. No matter where you buy your necklace from, the probability of a tangle is high when you do not store your necklace properly. In worse cases, your necklace may not even get tangled; it may get misplaced or start developing rust because of wrong storage. There are many ways you can go through to store your necklaces the right way. You can store some in a discreet place, and you can decide to display the beauty of the necklaces. Some of these ways are;

Storing in a drawer

The drawer of your wardrobe or table is one of the quickest places to keep your necklace after use. But if you do not keep the necklace the right way into your drawers, then you may end up having tangled necklaces. Depending on the size, design, and material of the drawer, there are a number of ways you can arrange it to accommodate more than enough necklaces. The cheapest way to do this is to partition the drawer with a straw. That way, the straw differentiates each type of chain. Another way to do this is to have some trays created to house the necklaces specifically. These trays must be the exact size of the drawers but have space for different necklaces.

Storing in a box

If you bought your necklace from a great jeweler, the chances are that it came with a box. It is possible for a good necklace to come without a box, but in these times, it is rare. If the necklace doesn’t have a box, the jeweler should have a specific box to house all necklaces. The box has all the spaces necessary to house any jewelry type.

Storing on the wall

The last way to organize your necklace is by having it hung on the walls. To do this, you can get a wooden material hooked to the wall directly. On the wooden platform, you can have different hooks where you can store your necklace very easily. If you are the one creating the hook and the platform, you need to be calculative to accommodate the small size of the chain.


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