Do you fall under the category of those whose skins over secrete sebum? And are you looking for ways to reduce the secretion production on your oily face? If your answer to both questions is yes, then you’re at the right stop.

Sebum and oil are basically related to each other. Sebum is the oily material secreted by the skin’s sebaceous glands, and excess secretion leads to oily skin. Sebum is a natural element of the skin that helps in hydration, but when there’s too much of it, your pores get jammed, which introduces acne to your skin.

Having oily skin means being extremely careful about what you use on your skin, either natural or artificial skincare products. Also, you need to have a healthy skincare routine that works well with the skin type you have.

Fortunately, this article focuses on the basic ways by which you can reduce shine on your oily face, so you should definitely stick to the end for more information.

4 Ways To Reduce Shine On Your Oily Face

Use the right face wash/cleanser

Choosing the right face wash or cleanser to reduce shine on your oily face is not quite as easy as it seems. Irrespective of your complexion or allergies, it is not advisable to just pick any product off the counter.

For oily skins, you should stick with products that have salicylic acid, as they work perfectly in helping to melt the extra oil on your face. You could also go for a milky cleanser because of its ability to get rid of oil while still maintaining your skin’s natural moisture balance.

A toner should be your bestie

Toners help reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and assist in unclogging your pores, which may have been jammed by dirt or makeup residue. Non-alcoholic toners are the best types for the skin as the ones made of alcohol are drying agents which are harsh to the skin.

You should use toners with natural products like rosewater and witch hazel. Although such toners may not work for everyone, you have to test any product and do your research before getting yourself one.

Use blotting papers

Blotting papers are made to absorb the excess oil, thereby reducing shine on your oily face.

Such blotting sheets can be used on your bare face and your made-up face. Either way, they have no bias effect, provided you purchase the one that suits your skin.

Facial masks are beneficial

Face masks come in many forms; they could be clay, honey, oatmeal, turmeric, or any of the numerous types.

They regulate your sebum levels without drying out or damaging your skin. Just make sure you moisturize properly after the masking process and stick to the safe masks for your skin.


You shouldn’t have the mindset that having oily skin is like having a disorder, and it is not. With proper care and supervision, you will be able to get that desired less glossy skin, and with the steps above, you are sure to reduce shine on your oily face in no time.


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