Wigs, weaves, and extensions are commonly used in the beauty industry, but they mean different things. Wigs are hair coverings worn over one’s natural hair that may or may not have been covered with a wig cap. On the other hand, weaves are sewn directly on cornrows, while extensions are fixed with special adhesives to one’s natural hair.

The one of focus here is wigs. Buying any wig requires you to have an idea about what exactly you’re about to do. You need to know how to select the right wig by following the right guide.

A simple guide has been provided for you right here in this article. So, you don’t have to worry about making wrong choices as you follow the tips below to select the right wig.

Five Tips To Pick The Right Wig

Know your wig cap size

Wigs come in different cap sizes, and you shouldn’t purchase anyone without knowing your cap size. If you have no idea what that is, you will need to get measurements yourself using a tape measure. To measure your cap size basically involves measuring the circumference of your head which you can do on your own.

Choose your colors wisely

Color gives life and beauty to every wig. Wigs are sold in many colors, some of which you may not have heard. If you would like to test your wild side or go for the fashionable look, then you can try out a flashy-colored one like a purple wig or ginger color wig. But if you want to look cool and reserved, you should stick to the ones closer in tone to your natural hair color.

What type of wig would you go for?

Are you going for a synthetic wig or human hair wig? Human hair wigs are quite expensive but durable, while synthetic ones are cheaper but not as durable. Before making your pick, you should find out the pros and cons of these two and which will serve their purpose well.

How long do you want your wig?

The length you want to go for matters, and there are three ranges to pick from. There is the short, the mid-length, and the long wigs. Short and mid-length wigs are easy to maintain compared to the longer ones. Also, longer wigs cause more heat and cost more than the others. But, if you have more than enough to spend, then you should go for all three.

Know your wig texture

There are not many choices for textures; you have straight, wavy, and curly. These textures may come in various styles and patterns that you could get tempted to purchase from. To select the right wig texture, you should consider how your face is shaped. You have to pick the texture that complements the shape of your face and head.


If you’re getting yourself a wig for the first time, you will find all you need here to help you select the right wig. The tips above will put you on the right track to purchase what works best for you.


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