If you have been navigating the world of vaping or trying to switch from smoking to vaping, you must know about the pod and vaping mod systems. They are both systems of e-cigarettes with differences in functionalities. They perform the same function and allow you to vape, but the features differ significantly. You must determine the differences between the pod and mod vaping systems to make an informed decision.

So, here is a guide to let you know the differences between both vaping systems. Let’s begin.

Difference between Vape Mods and Vape POD Systems

Vape PODs Are Sleeker and Compact In Design

One of the more apparent differences between vape pods and vape mods is their shape and size. Vape mods have always been bulkier and heavy. Their main issue was that people couldn’t easily carry them in their pockets or bags.

Mods have progressed well and modified their design to become sleeker and better-looking. But vape pods like Uwell Caliburn G POD systems have kept an ergonomic design at the top right from the start. Pod systems focused on creating a design that easily fits into your pockets, purses, and bags.

The compact design of POD systems also makes them leak-proof, which used to be an issue for vape mod systems of earlier times. Consider going for POD systems if portability is an important feature.

Concentration of E-Liquids

Vape mods are built on the structure of sub-ohm vaping, which is combined with an e-liquid and a high level of vegetable glycerin content. The high level of glycerin leads to thick, full, and stronger vapor clouds, usually preferred by vapers. The e-liquids come with varying nicotine content; you can choose according to your preference.

PODs are growing in popularity as they use an e-liquid with nicotine salt. This has an elevated nicotine level than vape mod’s freebase e-liquids, and you can also choose to get different flavors. Using nicotine salt in vape mods might not be a good idea as it can damage the tank.

Usage and Applications

Vape PODs are a better option for people who quit smoking and switch to vaping. They give an experience closer to smoking a cigarette due to the vape pods’ smaller size and lighter weight. Vape pods feel like smoking a real cigarette with the option of choosing different flavors. It still gives you the required amount of nicotine.

Vape mods are not the ideal weight and size for someone trying to quit smoking with a similar experience, but they can still offer help. You can customize the vapors and the vape experience. They are a good fit for people who don’t need a certain nicotine level.

Price and Affordability

The most cost-effective option is vape pods that are refillable or open pod systems. The closed pods can be expensive as the pods can’t be refilled and must be changed every time. With open pod vapes, you will need to spend one to two bottles of e-liquid each quite affordable month.

Vape mods are on the pricier side as the tank needs to be changed, and the coil needs to be replaced one to two times a month which can add up to a high cost.


Vape mods and vape PODs are both options for vapers, but each system has its strength. Vape mods give you more customized options, but vape PODs are smaller in size, which can be an important requirement for people trying to quit smoking. Vape pods with refillable tanks also tend to be more affordable.

But in the end, it is your decision, and you should choose the vaping option you are comfortable with.


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