Installing black floor waste in your home is not a task you should take on without having the right tools and knowledge. However, in a case that requires you to do it yourself, you can follow the process in this guide.

Study area and determine the best location

The first thing you need to do when you want to install a floor waste is to study the area and understand what that entails. As someone without prior experience, you may not precisely understand what to check when you are examining the location. First, you need to check for the lowest point in the room. That means the point where water usually stays and stops in the enclosed space. Also, if the room you are installing floor waste for is on high ground, you may want to consider the electric circuit and connections below the floor of the area. Electricity and water can not come together.

Turn off all power and electricity

Safety is an important thing to consider when you are fixing floor waste in whatever part of the home. That is the main reason you should check all electrical connections before you start cutting and digging. A floor waste will most likely work with water, so you must turn off all electrical points. This is more critical if the room you are working on is on the top. However, if you are still on the lower floor, you may still want to turn off all circuits.

Cut the area you want to use

Before you start installing a floor waste, you need to determine the area you want to cut. This area will be the lowest point in the room, and the size will be dependent on the size of the floor waste itself. You should always cut a bit more than the size of the floor waste so that there will be an allowance for the space. With the right tools, you can get the exact space, but this may be very inconvenient to work with.

Put your drain at the top

Once you have cut out the space and area needed, you can immediately fix the drain at the top. By doing this, you are already confirming how the drain will do and what it entails. Do not screw the drain in unless you have made your holes and directed the waste water outside of the home. To do that, you have a pipe extending outside. Usually, this will take the waste out of the home; however, it is not the best option, but the other options are more complex. An expert will help you complete such installation easily.


The process described above is the best way to install floor waste in any room of your own. If you can manage to follow these steps above, you will most likely have a floor drain installed. However, you can not get the floor drain as perfectly as an expert can get it – it is an impossibility. If you do not follow the steps, you may even be causing more harm than good to your bathroom or the room you are installing it.


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