Cordless drills have replaced their corded counterparts in popularity. The reason for this is the freedom from being tethered to an outlet. By eliminating the cord, you are able to use your drill anywhere with no restrictions. The following guide from will help you understand how a cordless drill works and how to operate it properly.

How Does a Cordless Drill Work?

The first thing you will notice when looking at a cordless drill is that there are two batteries on opposite sides of the housing. To understand how these batteries work together, it is important to understand how they were designed. The first battery powers the chuck while the second battery provides power for the motor inside of your drill. The chuck is what allows you to hold onto your bit securely when using the machine. The second battery powers the drill so that you can perform tasks without being plugged into an outlet or extension cord.

Parts of A Cordless Drill

If you’re just starting out with your first cordless drill, it can be hard to understand all of the parts that make up this powerful tool. Here are some basic parts that you’ll find on most cordless drills:


The chuck is what holds onto drill bits and other attachments so they don’t spin out of control when you’re using them. Most chucks have three jaws that grip onto the bit tightly enough so that it doesn’t slip while being used on your project. Some chucks also have an adjustable depth setting so that you can set how deep into a hole or piece of material you want to go before releasing the trigger and stopping rotation.

Keyless Chuck

If your drill has a keyless chuck, then it will not require any tools or keys in order to change out bits or attachments. This makes changing bits faster and easier than ever before!

Depth Gauge

The depth gauge lets you set exactly how deep into whatever material you’re working on your drill bit should go before stopping its rotation, which prevents damage from occurring from over-driving screws or other fasteners into materials such as drywall or wood laminates that are not meant for this kind of treatment.

Speed Control

The speed control allows you to set the speed at which your drill operates. Some drills have variable speed controls that allow you to change speeds with one hand while holding onto another part of the drill. Other models have a switch that requires both hands because it requires two levers on top and bottom to change speeds.

Cordless Drill Charger

A cordless drill charger plugs into an electrical outlet and charges up your battery pack so that you can use your drill again later on in the day or week!


A cordless drill can be used for different purposes like assembling, repairing, drilling and driving. From installing fence posts to attaching baseboards, you’ll find that a cordless drill comes in handy for nearly any construction job. A good cordless drill will last you years and help to give you a strong start on almost any project. You’ll find that having a variety of different sized bits and attachments are essential to your jobsite being well-stocked, but the first step is choosing the best model for your needs.

The different types of handles which are available in the market are pistol grip and T-handle. Pistol grip is usually better for tight spaces because it gives you a very close range with the work. T-handle is basically used for large scale jobs. In case of any type of maintenance on the cordless drill its always advisable to clean the tip of an electric drill after every use. Although you should NOT wash or submerge your battery in any water or liquid, but you should wipe off any debris from the battery with a clean cloth.


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